Adam and The Snake – Album Download

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The Terminator

The terminator from Adam and the Snake

Not Hard to Find

Not hard to find from Adam and the Snake

The Cuckoo Waltz


Mary's Going Out

Try Not to Think About It


A country Song

We are all Children


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4 reviews for Adam and The Snake – Album Download

  1. Diego

    Best ever ezio album……top

  2. Stoo

    I’ve had this on repeat for the last few weeks. Brilliant album, what more can be said?

  3. Phil

    Not a review of the album, but I am fed up – I ordered the download rather than posting out a CD. I get a crappy MP3 version!! i want to hear you at your best not a heavily compressed crap audio format. Can I get a flac file or wav file download please or a refund and I will buy the CD??
    Sorry – could not find a feedback form on the site so had to use this.

    • Ezio Lunedei

      Don’t be fed up Phil. I will refund the cost of your download now…Ezio
      I really would not be able to tell the difference on a blindfold test. But maybe that is too many years of playing high power acoustic singer/songwiter n roll

  4. Phil

    Thanks Ezio, hear the difference, depends on your Hifi but you can….. Will order the Cd shortly.

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