1. Hi Ezio,

    OK so this is a weird one for you – seen you and booga many times in concert, even sat and had a beer with you many moons ago, always meant to ask where does the surname Lunedei come from?
    Apparently my great grandfathers surname was Lunedie, well it was till the trapeze snapped, but folks couldn’t pronounce it so it became Leonard.

    Don’t worry, I’m not some Loony, just some Lunedei apparantly… hmmm maybe a bit of both.

    • It is from the Romagna region of North East Italy. Specifically the city of Cesena, and in neighbouring cities Rimini Ravenna Forli.
      dei endings are rare and only from here it means of the gods Dei is plural for God so pre christian and has same route as Deity. Casadei surname of famous musician from Cesena means House of the gods. Lunedei moons of the gods. Your great grandfather was almost certainly one of the chaps.

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