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  1. Long time since the Cock inn , in werrington, Peterborough.
    Last time we saw you was at Talking Heads, Soton.
    Your grey is looking as distinguished as mine,,ha,catch ya late’s boys..

  2. Great night at the Pokey Hole. So glad the breakdown on the road did not stop you reaching us in the wilds of Moira. Thanks again. Come back soon please.

  3. Just wondering if anyone has any set list info?

  4. Ive been Following these guys for at least ten years and never seen a bad show! If I am forced to hear crap musicians (kids watching x factor) I have to play these guys on my iPod to reassure me there are some “quality” musicians out there. See you on Thursday in Nottingham.

  5. Just been at dymock. Quality performance despite limited audience participation. Clearly dawn at the solstice would have been livlier.
    However voice and playing still awesome, Saxon street made my hairs stand on end and new stuff stands shoulders with it.

  6. You made me smile. Rather understated description of Ezio I feel. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey from airport.

    • Airport?

  7. Mr. Booga, Mr. Lunedei,

    I know you for a long time. But yesterday it was my first concert in Bonn. I am very impressed.
    Thank you for music, picture and simply you.
    For your journey and until next year, take care and God bless you both.

    B. P. , Cologne

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