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Ezio deliver the most exquisitely crafted and varied songs with a skill that can only come from having toured and recorded constantly for many years. Ezioโ€™s style has always been nearly impossible to describe, their music can range from the highly rhythmical almost manic Latin feeling rock to delicate dreamy ballads that are heartbreakingly honest and deeply poetic.

They, at some point in the last twenty years, have been near you. Since the mid nineties they have released a succession of albums all over the world on a variety of major and independent labels. They have toured constantly throughout Europe having probably played your own town hall together with the pub on your corner and were probably equally at home in both.


  1. Play my garden. I saw you in Cardiff, I think supporting Squeeze, in 98ish. My garden overlooks the sea, a surfing community, will sell out but a small number, but would be amazing. Not much happens down here in Ogmore-by-Sea.

    • It might work.
      How many roughly?

  2. Hi Ezio

    Have been a huge fan for years but we live up in the Highlands of Scotland, however there is a venue in Inverness called The Ironworks, it’s a great place to play for bands large and small, duos etc. See link, caroline@ironworksvenue.com
    Hope you might make it to the Highlands we would give you a great highland welcome

    very best wishes

    Su Hay

    • Su, It has been a long long time since we ventured that far north. I agree it is time


  3. Canada really could use an excellent and authentic British bAnd playing here- especially Western Canada!
    I saw you live in Swansea, Wales, in 2007- that’s too long ago and I wish I could see you live again!!!! Come to Saskatoon or Calgary!!!! Nora

    • Dear Nora Ezio here we would love to come and play in Canada. How can we make this happen? I agree canada could use our brand of entertainment. After all there is only so much maple syrup you can smear on a moose before you go nuts.

  4. Hi Ezio – you won’t remember me but the last time you played The Chattery in Swansea, my son Ruairi supported you with a short acoustic set. It was a brilliant night! A friend of mine who worked for ASCAP in London until recently has started putting on acoustic gigs in and around Swindon, Wiltshire and we wondered if you might be interested in playing there. It maybe that we could organize an extra gig or two to make the trip worthwhile. You gave me your mobile when we last met but it would appear you have got a new number – maybe you could email me a new contact number please? By the way – there isn’t a week goes by that I don’t listen to your songs. Best, Duncan

    • Hello Duncan. Of course we would be interested. You should call Pip at Midnight Mango. They are our agent now and the best way to get this done as we’re fucking hopeless.
      All the best and thanks Ezio

  5. Kingskerswell church hall!
    Saw you at South Devon Arts Centre, Totnes (Awesome)
    The Church has had some amazing Bands on recently, you’d fit the bill perfectly and we’d really love to see you down in this neck of the woods again ๐Ÿ™‚
    The gigs there are to do with http://www.worldunlimited.co.uk
    Contact Graham Radley re: Kingskerswell Church gig at
    My Fingers are crossed!!

    • Dear Sharon, Thanks for the info. Our agent Pip is looking into this

  6. I see you are playing Bath in March next year, which I hope I will be able to get to. I have been a great fan since I saw you support Joan Armatrading years ago.
    Any chance you could venture further West and visit Exeter for a concert? There are several venues there – The Exeter Corn Exchange being one. If not are you thinking of visiting Bristol again, I have seen you at several venues there in the past. Hope you have a great concert in Cambridge later in the year, must attend one year if I can!

    • We are looking into playing in Totness. Is that any good to you?

  7. Hi Ezio. I first saw you guys in Brent X London, 1995 ( I think), then many times at the half moon, mean fiddler , hammy palais ( i even got backstage that night!), and then latter you played in Kilburn. But seems lately that North London is off the tour list?
    I hope us poor north Londoners do get the chance again soon….
    Wishing you all the best for 2016!!!

    • Check out dates. We’re coming to Islington

      • I asked a Sax player who’s perfromed at the venue and he says it has a capacity of about 200 – 300.
        Interested or is it too small?

  8. How about playing open air in a small venue in Chamonix with Mont Blanc as a backdrop ?
    Can arrange for recording and video if you want to make something commercial out of it or we just go for a campfire vibe in the mountains !

    • We would love it. When would this be? We are talking about a concert?


      • How about August ?
        Idea would be a small gig in our back garden for friends, but the setting is stunning.

        You can email me direct if you want to discuss more


  9. The Live Rooms in Chester. New venue. Saw Seth Lakeman there last year and was excellent. Worth a look.

    • Ok will look into it

  10. Hi…….

    Come to Mannheim again. It was my first Ezio concert. A shame……I listen already twenty years to your music. If you play again in Mannheim then we need more funny words like “Tripper”…….

    I hope to enjoy you really soon. Maybe a city near of mine.

    Good luck

    • I hope it won’t be long. Frankfurt not that far is it?

  11. Follows you for over 20 years so why not cone and play in Lancaster, or the Lakes – saw you in York couple of years ago so now it’s time to play in the other Roses capital. You haven’t played up or near here for a long long time..

    • If you can suggest somewhere appropriate will definitly look into it

  12. I came to see you at the Junction back in December, 1st time in years and I had a ball. I used to see you at the Boatrace waaaaay back and there’s still a special feel to Cambridge gigs!
    I’m in Provence now (hence the break) and we have a live music place here called the Sonograf. http://www.lesonograf.fr/
    Wanna think about it? It would be great to see you again and, in fairness, this time it’s your turn to get on a plane!

    • We’d love it.

      • I asked a Sax player who’s played the venue and it can handle 200 – 300.

  13. Any chance you’d come for a couple of gigs in Portugal? Not sure about your fan base here, but I know about a few venues that excel in promoting niche bands such as yours.

    • Hello Fernando

      We would love to come play in Portugal.
      We did go and do a tv show and a couple of shows in Lisbon in the 90s.
      If someone organised something where we wouldn’t lose a fortune we would welcome the chance to come.


  14. Any chance of making it over to Czech rep?

    • We’d love to come and as my best friend runs a hotel in the centre of Prague we could do it very reasonably.
      We need someone on the ground there to sort it out.

  15. What about Colossaal, Aschaffenburg, Germany?
    It would be the perfect venue.

    • Wow, I think that was telepathie. I have just seen that you have been booked at Colossaal since 2 days.
      My tickets are orderd! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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